Snapple Tru Root Beer



Dist. under authority of Snapple Beverage Corp. White Plains, NY 10604
The Pitch:
Sodium Free
Caffeine Free
All Natural
The Ingredients:
Filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and natural root beer flavor.
The box:

Spike says:
This is the freakiest root beer I've had. It's clear! (which is probably why it's called "tru" instead of "true" root ain't "true" root beer in my book!) No coloring added! It's disconcerting: clear liquid in a bottle shaped like the Heinz vinegar bottle we have in the pantry. I had to sniff it before I took a sip to ensure it really wasn't vinegar! It pours without a head and isn't very carbonated. I don't like it. First, it doesn't look like root beer. No head, no fizz, no color. Looks like the semi-flat 7up Mom would give us when we were sick. There's a memory you want consumers to have when they drink your product. Second, there's the issue of taste. It's not awful, but certain spices are too strong. I'm guessing anise but there could be an excess of wintergreen also. I performed a diligent search of the Snapple web site but was unable to locate any information about the ingredients. Good amount of sweetness. Strangely enough, the taste improves once it has warmed up a bit (yeah, I wasn't chugging this stuff down). If I had to grade solely on taste I'd go C-, maybe a C if I was feeling generous. Call me old-school, but I like my root beer to look like root beer. So, while Tru root beer is drinkable (espcially if you like the flavor of root beer candy), I'm looking for the complete package so this drink gets a tru D.

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