Henry Weinhard's Root Beer 

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Blitz-Weinhard Co., Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington.
The Pitch:
A gourmet Root Beer, hand finished with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients including sassafras, vanilla and honey. Enjoy this truly great American Root Beer recipe, originally crafted by our master brewers during prohibition earlier this century. This outstanding elixir proved to be a popular alternative for our beer-drinking loyalists both during and after the great "dry spell." Our tradition of providing only the finest quality beverages continues to this day in each bottle that bears our founder's name, Brewmaster Henry Weinhard.
The Ingredients:
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, vanilla extract, natural flavors, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), honey essence, Acacia sassafras extract.
The box:
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Spike says:
A mild tasting root beer with above average carbonation. Dark in color, it pours with a firm, persistent head. Despite the ingredient list, this root beer does not have an artificial taste. The secret to their success may be because they use only the "highest quality" phosphoric acid. This root beer presents a complete package: it looks and tastes like a root beer should. It is dark-bodied with a good-sized head, and has natural taste that is mild, but not so mild it tastes watery (though it is close to that point). While I can't confirm that their "beer-drinking loyalists" were satisfied with the switch to root beer from their regular beer, I can say that I like it. This is the best root beer I have tasted, so despite their non-Y2K compliant box (will "earlier this century" become "early last century" in 2001?) I give this brew an A.

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